Government and Private Bank Viva Preparation

বিসিএস প্রস্তুতিতে গণিতে দুর্বল পরীক্ষার্থীরা যেভাবে ভালো করবেন জানুন।

Today’s episode has been arranged to give an idea for those who will give viva in Government and Private Bank . Lets see how the bank exam can be-

Candidate: Assalamualaikum. May I come in sir? 

 Examiner: Walaikumus salam. Yes, come in. Why do you want to work in banking sector? 

Candidate: Sir, banking sector is a respected and promising sector in Bangladesh. There is a lot of opportunities for building up career in the same time it ensures financial solvency.

Examiner: Where do you want to see you in five years?

Candidate: I want to join in vibrant growing bank whose aspiration match mine. I hope I will be a growing partner of the institution.

Examiner: What is common market?

Candidate: Two or more countries when form a customs union and free movement of all factors of production among them then it is called a common market. For example, European community has been working as common market since 1992.

Examiner: What is liquidity risk and market risk in foreign exchange?

Candidate: Liquidity risk is the risk of losses due to inability to make timely payment of any financial obligation to customers or counter parties in any currency. On the other hand, market risk of losses in on and off balance sheet position arising from adverse movements in market prices.

Examiner: What is foreign exchange dealing?

Candidate: It is a bilateral agreement to buy or sell one currency against another at an agreed price at a specific value date.

Examiner: What is IDB, ADB and GSP?

Candidate: IDB = Islamic Development Bank ADB – Asian Development Bank GSP = Generalized System of Preference

Examiner: What is mined economy?

Candidate: The economic system in a country in which some companies are owned by the state and some are private both public and private sectors play an important role in nation-building.

Examiner: Okay you may go now.

Candidate: Thank you sir. Assalamualaikum.

Government and Private Bank Viva Preparation

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