BCS Preliminary Preparation English Language Part- 01

William Blake famous poem "The Tyger" Summary

BCS Preliminary Preparation English Language Part- 01

A. Identify the correct parts of speech of the underline words:

Question : The doctor took the round in the hospital. Here ’round’ is a/an-
Answer : noun.

Question : She spends hours on internet-every day.
Answer : surfing

Question : Feminine gender of ‘wizard’ is-
Answer : witch.

Question : Some singular nouns basically look like plural:
Answer : such as acoustics, athletics, economics, news, measles, mumps, rickets etc.

Question : Some plural nouns look like singular, such as :
Answer : police, people, cattle, clergy, staff, poultry, vermin etc.

Question : __man is mortal is a universal truth.
Answer : That

Question : Farzana became__ within a short time.
Answer : familiar

Question : Right the wrong. Here ‘right’ is a/an-
Answer : verb.

Question : I made the machine
Answer : work

Question : Taka five lakhs-a good amount.
Answer : is

Question : It is high time we smoking-
Answer : gave up

Question : Three-fourths of the work-finished.
Answer : has been

Question : I prefer tea- coffee.
Answer : to

Question : Plural form of ‘half’ is-
Answer : halves.

B. Idioms and Phrases

  • By and large- mostly
  • Tooth and nail- with most effort
  • Under the weather- sick
  • Bon Voyage – wish a good trip

C. Clauses

  • She took what she needed. – Noun clause
  • I know the man who did it.-Adjective clause
  • You need not fear so long I am here. –Adverbial clause

D. Corrections

Inc. : The doctor saw his pulse.
Cor. : The doctor felt his pulse.

Inc. : He gave me goodbye.
Cor. : He bade me goodbye.

Inc. : One should do his duty properly.
Cor. One should do one’s duty properly.

E. Transformation of Sentences

Compound : Study hard or fail.
Complex: If you do not study hard, you will fail.

Active: Who is helping her?
Passive: By whom is she being helped?

Superlative: The rose is one of the finest flowers.
Comparative: The rose is finer than most other flowers.

F. Words

(i) One word Substitutions
  • Art of good handwriting- Calligraphy
  • One who believes the presence of God in everything in the universe. -Pantheist
  • To walk aimlessly- Amble
(ii) Synonyms
  • Callous— Indifferent
  • Conjugal— Bridal
  • Imbibe- To drink
  • Spurious – False, Bogus
  • Vindictive- Revengeful.
(iii) Antonyms
  • Altruism- Selfishness
  • Grandiose – Modest, Simple
  • Harbinger— Follower
  • Honorary- Salaried
  • Laconic-Wordy, Verbose.
(iv) Spelling

Allowance, Balloon, Commentary, Dehydration, Hierarchy, Hygiene, Magnificent, Souvenir, Refrigerator, Repetition, Parallel, Omission.

(v) Formations of new words by adding prefixes and suffixes:
  • Be – Beset, Become, Bewitch, Belittle, Becalm, Behold
  • Im-Impurity, Immorality, Immortal, Imperfect, Impatient
  • Sion Invasion, Inclusion, Provision, Division.
  • Tion–Generation, Association, Agitation, Appreciation


  • A paragraph has mainly- three parts.
  • The function of topic sentence is- to present main idea of the paragraph.
  • An extra message added at the end of a letter after it is signed is called- postscript.
BCS Preliminary Preparation English Language Part- 01

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