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BCS Preparation is a popular Bangla community blog site on education in Bangladesh. One of the objectives of BCS Preparation is to create a community among students of all levels in Bangladesh and to ensure the necessary information services for education and to solve various problems very easily.

Any reader of BCS Preparation can also write here.

Why be a writer: Any of your writing or information provided in “BCS Preparation” may meet someone else’s information needs or solve the problem. You can also benefit from someone else’s writing or information provided.

BCS Preparation is giving students from all levels of Bangladesh the opportunity to come together. So let’s all come together to enrich the BCS preparation for the development of education in Bangladesh and come forward to enrich the online Bangla language education database.

If you want to publish your writing in BCS Preparation, please email: [email protected]

You can also become a member of the BCS Preparation family by joining our Facebook page.

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